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Romantic Poems

Through the generations poets have written about love. Many tortured, others ecstatic. Here are a couple of mine:-

Why Now Is the Ideal Time to Write Your Book

“I’m bored!” I keep hearing from friends and relatives who are holed up indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Honestly!

Poems About Love

Throughout the ages people have written poems about love, either in celebration or exasperation at the one true thing that binds us all together. Here are three of my romantic poems for your inspiration and enjoyment.

Using the Best Writing Style for Your Content

Choosing a definitive style for your content is important and it gives your readers a positive experience when they read what you are sharing. Your goal is not only to get your readers to read that one piece of content but you want them to be excited about reading whatever you choose to share over time. A proper business writing style will give others a positive impression of who you are and what you represent. In many respects, your style is your signature. You may choose the same style as other writers but you still put your own twist on it and make it uniquely yours.

Tips to Help You Write and Publish Your Book

Do you want to write a book? Here are a few simple tips to consider before and after you have written your manuscript!

How To Write A Book That Is More Than Just A Book

Pick an universal theme, any universal theme, and run with it. Never stop running. When trying to decide what exactly makes a theme universal, think about it like this; can this make anyone, anywhere feel something? Will this resonate with my readers on a deeper level? Is this a generally relateable topic?

Author Tips – Are You A Fiction Or Non-Fiction Writer

Writing is an art and one that should always be treasured, by writer and reader! Are you a fiction author, or a non-fiction author, or both? This is my next author tip. You need to determine what kind of book you desire to write. I write both now. It was not always that way.

How to Write Poems Like a Pro

Anyone can write a poem. But how do you write like a pro? This article will explain how you can write poems like a pro!

Analysis of Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie

This is an analysis of Salman Rushdie’s Novel: Midnight’s Children. This novel is set on the backdrop of India attaining Independence. Rushdie uses the technique magic realism, The analysis is done using the themes of Existentialism, Psychoanalysis, Marxism and Postmodernism

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