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Let Your Favorite Songs Inspire You to Write

Writer;s block has challenged you to come up with a great idea for an article story or poem. And you have already tried browsing the dictionary and books on creative writing, Getting an idea can be frustrating. especially when you are seeking one.

An Analysis Of The Writings of Jorge Luis Borges

This in essay which is an analysis of the Writings of Jorge Luis Borges. Borges is known to have developed the style of magic realism. His writings touch a fantastic element. He is fascinated by mirrors, the compass, books, space, time and infinity. This article seeks an honest appraisal of the work of Borges.

The Restoration of Seed

Sometimes, the better way to explain something is to write about or to speak about something else as a metaphor. The intent for the metaphor is to cause the reader to understand that the subject is symbolic, which requires the reader to ponder the meaning of the symbolism.

Neutrality Of The Text

I have developed a new idea of Binary Fusion from the Binary Divide inherent in deconstruction. Binary Fusion aims to develop textual neutrality. Binary Fusion occurs in political, psychological, cultural, and philosophical realms.

Post Colonial Narratives About Literature

This is an article about Post Colonial narratives about Literature. This narrative places the significance of wounded civilization, language, archetypes, beast of paradox, the gaze, and being in-it-self as ingredients for the post-colonial narrative.

Expanding Nietzsche’s Theory of Art

This article seeks to enlarge Nietzsche’s theory of art. Art for Nietzsche was the merger of the Dionysian and the Apollonian elements. The Dionysian elements are rhythm and beat, and the Apollonian elements are harmony and melody. This article examines how Nietzsche’s theory of art works in literature, painting, and music.

Theorizing Nietzsche’s Will To Power

This article is an explication of Nietzsche’s Will to power. This article traces the ingredients of will to power and they are language, feelings, emotions, and our will.

Unleash the Genius Within: How to Be a Writer

How do you write? Do you listen to the genius within you? What do you want to write about?

Evolution of the Metaphor

This article probes the history of the evolution of the Metaphor. Metaphors have evolved from spiritual or transcendental; metaphors to literary or aesthetic metaphors, political metaphors, cultural metaphors, and psychological metaphors.

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