Fluid mechanics, cake, and Twitch | PhD stories #4

Writing A Memoir Using Mind Maps

Have a story you want to tell and need a way to get organized and started? This article helps you create a snapshot of your life or family member in a colorful and creative fashion.

Chittagong Best Photo Shop

this very good photo and good edtie bangladesh best photo shop in chittagong and that is real and very good site for any user i hope you like this One Thursday morning, days after an article I had written for The New York Times’s Arts section had run, I received a message from a contact in Doha, Qatar, alerting me to a haunting image circulating the web. The image showed The Times, opened to the Culture section. But beneath the Culture heading, where my article was supposed to appear, there was instead a large, white, empty box.

Five Months Ago

Mrs Belinda sat at her daughter’s graduation with tears rolling down her cheeks. Her friend, Bukky, who sat beside her noticed and asked “Belinda, why are you shedding tears on Joyce graduation? You should be smiling instead” Mrs Belinda replied: “Bukky you don’t understand.

Developing Your Narrative Voice in Fiction

This is an introductory level article for adults or older teens to learn about basics of fiction writing. In this case: narrative voice, author’s voice, and third person omniscient narration. The tone will be encouraging with some education and some entertainment.

Quality Customer Service – How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Dissertation writing service is one of the simple and understandable ways to write the papers and articles easily. It improves our writing quality. In this service you can write the assignments easily. Without quality you will not be able to create an impression. Custom writing service is the one of the best service that provides clear, clarity and effective information about educational basis.

What Personal Details Should Be On Your CV

This section is straightforward, but it’s important to start with some don’ts before we get on to the dos. Where people often get this section wrong is to put too much detail in. Sadly, in the ageist society we live in it is not advisable to put in your date of birth if you are over 40.

Writing Strategy: When Scenes in Your Future Stories Are Cropping Up

While in the thick of people-watching, a writer must be aware of every thing present in the milieu. Yes, for one of them might be a good material for your next writing project. Well, I always see to it that every character in my stories is based on human being who deserves a spot in my imaginary world, either becoming the best or worst version on it.

8 Effective Tactics to Boost Your Email Open Rates

Emails are undoubtedly the most widely used medium of communication across the world. When it comes to winning new customers, emails are 40 percent more effective than social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook, based on a study by McKinsey.

Writing Strategy: On Getting the Motivation to Write

It is always good a feeling to have the much needed support, either intrinsic or extrinsic motivation a writer must have. Yes, in all great endeavors, there is always a drive, an energy or power to go on despite all odds. Writers need all motivations they could muster to keep on the lonely journey of getting ideas out of thin air.

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